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Ergonomics Standing at Work [Webinar]

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Ergonomics Essential Course

This is a live webinar course. Participants shall join this webinar throughout the course duration. Further instructions will be emailed after course registration.

05 June 2020
0900 – 1700 (1 day)

Ergonomic have become one of the importance topic in the working industry.  It becomes a concern where the risk of workers injured themselves during work has increase.  We are promoting good ergonomics for standing at work is one of the contributions to the safety and health of people at work and also helps on proper management of standing work. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Standing work postures
  3. Legal requirements
  4. Simple checklist for standing work
  5. Risk identifications, assessment and techniques
  6. Risk control measures
  7. Standing at work design principles
  8. Strategies to sustain people to stand longer for work

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Learning platform: Zoom


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