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Our Services

We are passionate to enhance your experience in ergonomics & human factors including product/system development, production, operation, corporate, maintenance and design review - to name a few.

Getting things done

Compliance and beyond

Expert delivery to ensure stakeholders tick all boxes.

Our deliverable solutions comply at least with local and international requirements including DOSH, ISO, IEC, UHSE/PTS, DEP etc.

We provide consulting projects across variety of sectors.  Our dedicated team will ensure both process and operation are optimised towards ergonomics & human factors best practices.

We also have dedicated networking partners with reliable experience in ergonomics & human factors to support us across the regions, making the project delivery more timely-effective.

Main consulting services:

  • Human factors study / assessment
  • Ergonomics study / assessment
  • Usability engineering
  • Product design improvement / modification

Other broad range of services:

  • Manning & workload assessment
  • Human (error) reliability assessment
  • Control room analysis
  • Human machine interface (HMI) assessment
  • Safety critical task analysis
  • Health risk assessment
  • Valve criticality analysis
  • Material handling analysis
  • Injury investigation for SOCSO & DOSH

New learning experience

Learning is a productivity

Support and guide your industry by learning ergonomics & human factors as much as you can.  We offer variety of topics for your continuous skill development.


Virtual learning is the new future.  Our training management centre has setup the system to allow participants join our virtual course (live streaming) through ZOOM Webinar.  Participants can now join the virtual course literally anywhere (home, office, cafe etc).  Participants can also track their rewards/badges and digital certificate from our website.


Training can be arranged into small group, workshop, on-site field and seminar.

Please reach us to get to know more details about our bespoke topics related to ergonomics & human factors.  Alternatively, we suggest to pick any of the available topics from the online course and we deliver the training in-house.

Awareness for everyone

Targeting large audience

Empowering ergonomic best practices for everyone through interactive, fun and engaging campaign activities.

Our organised activities covered essential areas including awareness, education, prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, and psychosocial issues.

We are protecting employees and strengthen employer’s bottom line.   Campaign activities should be organised once in every quarter year.

Our regular campaign activities

Ergonomics Talk
Rest & Recovery
Driving Ergonomics
Corporate Massage

Online store is under maintenance.   Stay tuned!

How can we help ?

The usual process



We will contact you shortly after the request to understand the nature of your enquiry.  There is no limit to the resources since our team can be expanded with strategic partners and associates.



The scope of work comes in many different ways.  We propose both technical and commercial information to match your requirements and to tick all boxes.  Every little helps!



Provide evidence based outcome to allow stakeholders making the right decision.  Please refer to our services below for more details.