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Personalised Coaching

Sudden change of working environment (office to home) without proper guidance could cause body discomfort/pain and deterioration in mental health.  The situation could get worse with the prolonged Movement Control Order (MCO).

To ensure all employees who are working at home keep their productivity in check while maintaining good-wellbeing, we are offering online coaching services to give practical guidance and support on how you can optimise your work in home environment.

Everyone needs a coach.

Personalised coaching is a live one-to-one guidance and support on applied ergonomics knowledge to accommodate current and anticipated concerns. You can choose to get the coaching by Ergonomist or by Ergonomics Trained Person.

Details as per below:

  • Platform: Zoom
  • 30-45 minutes per session
  • Follow-up session available
  • Available time between 0900 – 2000 (GMT+8)
  • Communication mainly through video meeting
Individual coaching is a direct consultation approach so the topics will be mixed-in based on the progress and situation.  In total, we have 15 key-topics/components to apply during continuous coaching sessions.


  • Click on the buttons below and enter your details
  • Pay online to complete the registration
  • We will contact you on the next working day to schedule the session

To further support everyone during Movement Control Order (MCO), we are offering free one (1) follow up session via Zoom for audience who have joined our coaching session.

You can benefit this free session to further improvise from the previous coaching session.

There is no need to register for your free follow up session. Our team will contact you straight away after your coaching session!

Our team is finalising online checklist on Ergonomics Work From Home (WFH). Stay tuned!